Prime as first lens for a beginner

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Re: Prime as first lens for a beginner

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If it was for me, I would get the OM1 or 2 and I still might since my appetite has been stoked by looking at and holding the OM10. But it's a gift to my niece who is still early in her journey in photography. Thanks for the insights on the OM system.

Does she have access to facilities to develop and print film? Sending the film out to be developed and scanned defeats some of the purpose of shooting film.

When you scan film you end up having to deal with the limits of both digital and film, and you lose some of the grain in the conversion process (unless you scan at a ridiculously high resolution).

She's using a phone for Instagram.

Hardly doubt IQ is that important to her.

I've seen with my adult daughter that IQ on a photo is a non-concept, she jut never thinks about it.  She shoots many horrendous photos in terms of IQ  (too dark, crooked,  not framed well, etc) that  are almost always family and friends, yet she's happy as a clam to have the photos, nothing else matters.  I guess if you quizzed her about it she might say she would like the photos to look better, but ultimately, this is not on her radar and she's not even concerned enough to find out if there might be a way to shoot better photos on her phone.  So there you have it.  She's NOT a candidate for any kind of camera.

She also shoots little videos of things ALWAYS in the vertical position.  I've asked her many times why she doesn't shoot horizontally, but she just doesn't think of it when she wants to record something.  ***Sigh***

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