Olympus working on 500mm lens

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Mephistopheles* wrote:

DLBlack wrote:

I did like how he acknowledged that Olympus knows its strength is in being a small compact camera system and they are developing future products with this in mind.

Their actions have yet to match their words. They just produced the largest and heaviest m4/3 camera yet (EM-1X); their last telephoto was the heaviest m4/3 lens ever made (300mm f4--which was also heavier than other 300m f4 lenses from canikon), and they are now set to top that next year with a much heavier lens (150-400mm). Things are trending in the opposite direction from their asserted strengths.

You edited out the rest of my post to suite your own opinion.

Like I said in my post you half quoted is that size is relative to the user and how they are using the camera. Some think the E-M1X with a 300mm lens and no tripod required due to 7 plus stops if IBIS is smaller than a D5 with a 600mm lens and a tripod.

I do own the E-M1X and it made my kit I carry for landscapes and wildlife smaller.  I now rarely carry a tripod because of the improved IBIS.  Also with Live ND I don't carry my set of ND filters.  So my kit is smaller and lighter when using the E-M1X.

Anyhow, Olympus executives have mention several times over the past few months that small size in an advantage and they are going to develop to to take advantage of the small size. Time will tell if this ends up being true.

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