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DeathArrow wrote:

FingerPainter wrote:

bayareaphoto wrote:

If so, this confirms that there is something fundamentally wrong with the way Dpreview Studio comparison tool is shot. To wit, the following clearly (in my view) shows off the Z6 much better than the 5DS:


In summary, I am trying to reconcile my visual observations with PDR technical measurements. So far, I am not succeeding, and am forced to point the finger at the Dpreview comparison tool as the culprit for this dissonance.


DPR takes actual photographs and let's you see what they look like.

Compare Bill's results for these two cameras, DPR's results and DxOMark's test results (measurements not scores,) for SNR 18% and DR. Bill's results look like the outlier to me, in this case. In other cases DxO is the outlier, and perhaps in a few, DPR is the outlier.

I don't know how DPR tests cameras.

AFAIK, they don't test them. Unlike Bill Claff and DxO, they measure nothing. What they do is take photos under fairly well-controlled conditions and display the photos and make them available for download for viewers to draw their own conclusions.

The only meaningful comparison would be to shoot with the same light level,

They do

using a lens with the same t-stop,

AFAIK, they do not control for T-Stop, only f-stop, however, the lenses they use for the photos are of types that generally have T-stops close to their f-stops

at same settings,

they do, with a few exceptions, which I have always assumed were inadvertent errors

equalize the brightness in post

they generally do

and resize to the same resolution.

they give the viewer that option

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