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The unglamorous Leicaflex

Felice62 wrote:

Whilst I reckon Leica's importance in modern photography I have never really liked Leica cameras and the glamour around it.

More fascinated about my current gear and its performance when I compare it to my first SLR camera, the fabulous Nikon FM

My 1973 Leica Manual promotes and praises the now unglamorous Leicaflex (and the unglamorous M5 as well).

The Leicaflex was a small reflex camera Leica brought out to compete with Nikon.

But it didn't sell, or last long, and today you can pick one up on eBay for a song. In 1973 it was more expensive than the M5, another camera Leica made that didn't sell well, and they reissued their M4.  To this day, we all know what a Leica looks like, and Leica gladly sells "real" Leicas for many thousands of dollars and all the "other Leicas" which are Panasonics with a red dot for more than the Panasonic, with no loss of brand prestige.

A Leica is a small German made rangefinder style camera with very simple controls.  You must work to take pictures with it.  If it's too complicated, it doesn't count as a "real" Leica.

If you'd like to examine some of the finest industrial propaganda ever created by somebody other than Edward Bernays (unless he was working with Leitz uncredited) get a few old Leica Manuals.

The entire book is devoted to convincing the reader there is ONLY ONE "miniature camera" and that one is the Leica.

From front to back, there's not one other camera named, and Kodak is credited with making some nice film for the Leica.

The mystique of the Leica, I think is directly attributed to the Leica Manual.

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