One lens One body camera — mft or bridge camera?

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Re: Consider bridge or travel camera?

HRC2016 wrote:

Have you asked this question only of m43 users?

Have you considered how important image quality is?

Bridge cameras are pretty good. There are also the Panasonic travel zooms. Sony's new RX100 vii is getting phenomenal reviews but might be outside your budget. You can't beat it for size and image quality.

If I were trying to limit myself to just one camera and lens combo due to size and/or weight while covering a large focal length range, it would be the RX100 VII that I would select. I is a lot smaller and lighter than carrying similar m43 kit, and in many cases the slightly smaller sensor disadvantage is cancelled out more or lens by the faster lens.

On the other hand, if I was sticking with m43, I wouldn't limit myself to one lens, as the benefit of m43 is the huge selection of small lenses of excellent optical quality. In your situation, if using a m43 body, I would probably bring these 3 lenses with me:

-Panasonic 12-32 pancake zoom (I know this is a kit lens with some cameras, but it takes excellent pictures and is very compact when stowed. It is cheap and pocketable)

-Panasonic 20mm f1.7 (this was also a kit lens, it is very small and takes excellent pictures in most situations. When I was primarily a m43 shooter, I used this lens for about 90-95% of my shots -- over a ten year period)

-Panasonic 35-100 f4-5.6 OIS compact zoom (surprise, surprise, this was also available in some kits from Panasonic. It is a very small and portable lens with a broad focal length range and great image quality. It is the smallest telephoto that I know of for an ILC when stowed)

It is probably more comfortable to have any one of those lenses on the camera and the other two in a pocket or bag then carrying a broad focal length travel lens. This is why that was MY personal favorite at the time.

Now that I have mentioned what I would do, rather than directly answering the OPs question, here is my answer to the original question. I would select the Panasonic 14-150, which covers most of the range for the pure reason that it is available on the used market for very low prices if you look around.

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