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Re: Seems a fairly conservative iteration

Richard Murdey wrote:

Viewed from the prism of the Kp, it would look like a retrenchment.

Go back to the K-3ii base, add the K-1 top plate, but leave the K-1's articulated LCD behind. Swap the D-pad for a joystick. Dollars to donuts says it also has the K-1's LCD-based AF system, with additional tweaks.

A nice little camera to be sure, ideal even, but sadly for me it's missing one feature and that's a FF sensor. This is not academic criticism: I really would like a smaller, lighter K-1.

I totally understand but a smaller and lighter FF means mirrorless!

Butut more to the point this "K-3iii" will surely come out priced above a used K-1 and possibly even on par with a used K-1ii, with not an awful lot to bring to the table in exchange for suffering a crop sensor**.

It could be even more expensive than a new K1-ii at certain bargain times of year!

** now, before y'all start screaming at me, yes if you've already invested heavily in the DA limiteds I can see why you'd prefer to stick with APSC and that's fine. But, for someone like me, once you put the FA31 on FF, you ain't never going back to crop-format Pentax.

Understandable too except you have more reach with the crop and a smaller lighter system which many of us prefer or require.

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