Prime as first lens for a beginner

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Re: Prime as first lens for a beginner

DeathArrow wrote:

Jonsi wrote:

Nothing more frustrating for a beginner than not being able to get the shot you want.

Imagine wanting to take a picture of a distant subject and only having a 28mm.

Don't limit her.

Imagine there's an astronaut on the moon and you want to photograph him on earth.

Then I suppose I'd have to wait for him to get back.

There's always going to be some limitation and you can't take a good shot in any situation.

I used for about 2 years a...

I gave an opinion about limiting a beginning photographer to a single focal length and some of you argue that with the 'ole "that's not what I used, and I turned out fine!".

I honestly don't care what you used. It's irrelevant.  But certainly make it known to the OP, it is a valid opinion too.

I think most of you started before zoom lenses were invented anyway, so it is understandable.  And no, that's not an age joke...just a probability.

I didn't find it limiting. I knew I couldn't photograph sports or buildings in crowded streets,

So your single focal length limited you from shooting stuff?

Even a zoom is limiting.

Someone tried that one already. A single focal length is more limiting. That cannot be argued.

How can I shoot wildlife if I only have my 15-30mm with me?

You bought the wrong lens. I would never suggest such a limited zoom for a beginner.

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