One lens One body camera — mft or bridge camera?

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Re: One lens One body camera — mft or bridge camera?

You want to take just one body and one lens, and mass is important plus you don't want to spend a lot. You already own a G9 and an E-M10ii and a few lenses. You're reluctant to take the E-M10ii based on previous issues, so it makes sense that you would take the superb G9. I understand that you want just one camera, but the E-M10ii is so small and light that I might take it as a backup if I was traveling to remote places...just a thought.

The vast majority of my travel photos are in the 24-70mm +/- equivalent range where you also anticipate most of your photos, so I would just take the 12-40 f/2.8 Pro. Unless I was going mainly for wildlife, I'd be happy with 80mm equivalent and not fret about the few that got away. How many long telephoto travel photos are you really likely to take anyway? If you're a birder or just can't live with that, then you have to spend more money on a super zoom lens or a bridge camera.

I don't know much about bridge cameras but I suppose it's a reasonable option...I have a 1-inch compact and have never been unhappy with the IQ for travel photos.  I don't think I would get a smaller sensor, however.  I guess I'd have to explore the weights and sizes and costs and features to see how a bridge camera would compare to a G9 and a travel lens.

Whatever you decide, you'll come home with tons of great photos. Enjoy the trip!

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