Wishes for the new APS-C camera

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Wishes for the new APS-C camera


The first pictures of the new APS-C camera looks very good.

I love, how functionally the layout of the buttons and dials are. Typical Pentax.

now, because we have some times up to the release of this camera, maybe we can have a thread about what functions we would wish.

I would wish for example:

The DOF series:

I love the DOF series at my KP, which I can select, when I use the camera in Av. Should I do the portrait picture with f1.4 or better with f2.8, or f4.5 ? I can use now a DOF series for that in such a short time, so that the facial expression do not change much during this fast series.

This DOF series has for me only one negative point: it do change the shutter-speed and not the ISO. I would wish that I could change that, so that I use a fixed shutter speed, like 1/60 sec. Up to now, my shutter speed can change from (for example) 1/60 to 1/30 to 1/15...witch get too slow than. Therefore I use a faster than needed start shutter speed now, but changing the ISO could avoid that in this mode.

The flash use:

When we use the camera in the M-mode, we see how the ambience light will get exposed via the metering bar graph. All I would like to have is to have this info in all other mode too. When I use for example the Av mode not in the auto ISO, I could see what level the ambience metering has with my settings for the fixed ISO. Do I underexpose it and when how much ?

The TAv mode with a flash should has no auto ISO correction, in this mode I would like to see the ISO value.


I would like to have a button, where I could switch/toggle between the AF point array and single AF point. When a bird is sitting in a tree I like to use a single AF point, so that I can focus on the bird and do not focus on surrounding leaves. But when the bird start to fly, I would like to use than a AF point array for that I can keep it better in my AF area. Such a switch/toggle button would be nice for that use.

What are your wishes ?

best regards. KPM2

Pentax KP
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