Advice on 360 camera for streetview purposes

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Advice on 360 camera for streetview purposes


I'm looking for (semi-)professional camera to be used to capture street view imagery for a fleet of cars. The cameras will be mounted for 8 hours per day in a climate that can have all 4 seasons in a couple of hours, and don't have room for rigs that Google uses. After looking at a lot of alternatives I can't seem to fint any that checks all the boxes. I'm hoping someone here can assist or point me in the right direction, or have advice how some of the less suitable cameras can still be used.


  • IP64/IP65
  • 4k imagery
  • Recording to external drive in car via USB/HDMI/Ethernet etc.
  • Use external power supply while operating
  • Low profile (< 30 cm)
  • GPS (built in or as accessory)
  • Full control of data

Nice to have:

  • Real-time stitching camera (reduce post processing)
  • Several lenses

The only camera I've found that I might use is the Vuze+, but that would require me to record GPS separately, and then synchronize and combine the data afterwards. Doable but extra processing. Cameras that I've viewed and discarded so far include Insta360 Pro/Pro2/Titan, Z CAM S1 and KanDao Obsidian R/S/GO (due to poor IP-rating), iSTAR Pulsar (can't just buy the cameras, need to buy licenses for processing), Kodak SP360 and Garmin VIRB 360 (seem to lack option for external power and transfer while operated) and a bunch of other smaller ones that don't really seem suitable for anything but holiday photography.

Looking for ward to your replies!

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