8 Bit or 16 bit , sRGB or Pro Photo

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Re: 8 Bit or 16 bit , sRGB or Pro Photo

Go into photoshop and go to colour settings..... look for "dither 8 bit" and uncheck it.

Close Photoshop and download the chart I linked. open it as a 16 bit Prophoto  and call  it 16 bit. Now convert it to 8 bit and save as 8 bit. With both open and select two windows side by side , zooming in on the black and white ball.

Now look at the two balls in 16 & 8 bit together each covering half your screen. What you will start to see is the real 8 bit , with all the horrid things that it can deliver, not the faked version of 8 bit you are claiming is as good as 16 bit ...... but dithered to fake it.

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