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Re: And a picture!

Hello all

justmeMN thanks for posting this !

miles green wrote:

I think this is a good cause for celebration!

If they're showing a picture, it means it's coming sooner rather than later.

And what do i see:

1. a JOYSTICK!!!! OK, this means they worked on AF, which is already pretty good, if you have a Kp / K1ii and modern lens. But the joystick was missing for sure.

That is really nice !

2. Kp / K1 stype top mode dials, and a big top screen

Yup, also nice

3. Sensor under the viewfinder

That could also be two 100 Watt LED's ... ok just kidding.

I like that the green button is now alone and not like as the K1 where the picture button is close to them (and I pushed them instead of the green button)

I like that the button (left to the view finder) for to select spot, centre or matrix metering is placed like at a K1

The left outer button has now not the LV symbol, like at the K1. It's maybe a red point....for video? If so, where is the LV button, I see no button, or do we need no LV button now ?!?!

EDIT:  Mistral75 posted pictures, the LV switch is on the function dial now

have fun

best regards KPM2

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