Corporate Headshots and Raw files

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Re: Not that unusual, maybe becoming more common

RDKirk wrote:

Gato Amarillo wrote:

Among the reasons I have heard: to be able to resize files for various uses (web, print, etc), to match color and density to older photos, to knock out backgrounds (seems very common on websites these days), to have full color information when converting to CMYK for printing press.

Nobody does that stuff from the RAW image. The RAW is converted to a TIFF or some other format first.

I'm talking about the reasons people give, not how it actually works. Like I said, some people know what they are talking about, some don't.

Sometimes the actual format of the working image is proprietary, but it's never actually the RAW data being worked. I've never seen, for instance, anything Photoshop couldn't do with a full-sized TIFF that it could do with a RAW image (because it always converts the RAW to the format it actually works with).

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