Switching from Pentax K1&K3 to Fuji X-T3

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Re: Switching from Pentax K1&K3 to Fuji X-T3

I'm using both Pentax and Fuji.

With Pentax, I've moved from K-x > K-30 > K-3 > KP.

I wanted something smaller as a backup, and I got the Fuji X-T100.

Due to its size and the surprising quality of the XC 15-45 lens, I tend to use that kit most.

But I'm keeping my KP because:

  • Weather sealing: I have the DA 16-85 lens which is WR, and that is a great, high-quality combo.
  • OVF: It really is nice to look through a big bright viewfinder.
  • Ergonomics: Doubtless other Fuji cameras do things better, but I find the ergonomics on the X-T100 to be clunky. I basically have turned off the touchscreen because it caused more problems than anything. I'm used to the Pentax controls, and they make very good sense and are easily accessed. The menu system is also MUCH better.
  • Internal stabilization: I have a bunch of older, good-quality lenses, and it's so easy to use them on Pentax. Just set to catch-in-focus, and it's almost like having a 30 year old, character-filled lens work like a modern AF, stabilized lens.
  • Feel: The KP just feels like a serious camera. I don't worry about the durability of the X-T100, and it's been a sturdy little thing, but the KP is just a solid, well-engineered piece of gear.
  • Value: I buy used, so my KP and the DA 16-85 cost under $1000 total. What would it cost me with Fuji to get a weather sealed body with the 16-80 lens? (Even if I went with the older X-T2 used and waited for a 16-80 used, I'd probably be closer to $1400.)
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