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12-200mm or 1" ZS100

Chizuka wrote:

Hi, i am faced with a dilemma. I want to travel with only one camera and one lens because I will be walking a lot all day and I am a small woman. I would like the lens to cover a 12-150 range ideally (in mft terms) and I don’t want to buy the Olympus 12-100 PRO because of the cost.

I am looking at the new Olympus 12-200 or the older 14-150 f4.5/5.6 or at a bridge camera with a 1inch sensor. Is there a noticeable difference in IQ between the mft options and a Bridge camera like the Sony Rx10 mk3 or the Lumix FZ 2500 or something similar.

I would be using the Lumix G9 body.

If you want one lens that has 12-150mm (or more) then your only m4/3 choice is the Olympus 12-200mm lens. The G9 + 12-200mm is going to be rather large and heavy and you imply that is a problem. The Olympus 14-150mm is much smaller/lighter and I prefer it for my many travels (I have version II and I) with m4/3 since April 2012. I put it on a PEN-F or E-M10II though and they are much smaller/lighter than the G9. Photos here:

I carry 2-3 other lenses also when I travel, an extra m4/3 body, flash, and a small pocket camera (Sony RX100 or Canon S95).

If you can get by with the electronic zoom and generally somewhat slower operation you can get one of the 1" sensor compacts such as the Panasonic ZS100/TZ100/TX1 with Panasonic-Leica 25-250mm lens. It is small and light, but full featured. I bought one for $419 in January and wrote a user review:

Canon and Sony make some 1" models also that you can consider.

Everything depends on what you will compromise on. A 1" can do a lot and produce good results (especially if you shoot raw), but when the light gets low then the bigger 4/3 sensor will be handy.

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