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Re: A little of both, perhaps?

Gaber wrote:

Is it worth the hassle to sell 6-7 lenses on Amazon or eBay and pay about 15% to them or just take it to a dealer like Adorama and sell for about 70% of expected value? This means I lose 15% but it sure is simpler. What would you do?

I was in the same boat... I was shooting with both Olympus and Nikon (some of my Nikon lenses were bought in 2004 to 2007) for many years, and this year I decided to sell all my Nikon gear. I decided to sell what I thought I could get good money for on eBay, and then sell the rest for store credit to Adorama or BHPhoto. I've done the former, but not yet the latter.

I  looked at what was selling used on eBay and sold a couple of lenses and a flashgun that all sold quickly (just did the 7 day auction and allowed offers). eBay takes a cut too, but I still came out well ahead of the estimates provided by BH/Adorama,KEH, etc.

The other lenses I have will go to BH Photo (they seem to give me the best estimates) for a couple of reasons: They are items that will take longer to sell on eBay, and one of the lenses has some dust inside of it and needs to be cleaned. I don't want to get into a back and forth with a buyer about whether or not the lens was as expected. I just want a dealer to give me whatever store credit they want since I was the second owner of that lens anyway. The stuff I decided to sell on eBay were items that looked pretty much new, worked perfectly, and I even had the original boxes for them.

Ultimately it comes down to whether or not the hassle of selling this stuff yourself is worth it. Most of my eBay experiences have been fine and pretty easy, but a few years ago I had to open a case because of a fraudulent buyer (someone's account got hacked) and while it didn't cost me any money it did tie up my item until the case was closed. Another time I had a buyer return an item because it wasn't what they expected even though it was as I had described it. I went ahead an accepted the return, but it turned into another long process that turned a simple transaction into a 4 to 6 week process. Now I only do it if I feel like I could get enough money to make it worth the potential hassle. Trading lenses in to a dealer for credit is less hassle, but will also yield less return. Sometimes that's okay though.

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