The principle problem with "classical" digital imaging

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Re: The principle problem with "classical" digital imaging

Iconoscope wrote:

In my opinion, the quality of an image has more to do with the skill of the photographer than the capabilities of the camera. While I enjoy pixel peeping as much as anyone, and marvel at the aquity of the Foveon sensors, the Sigmas I own are not my goto cameras for most casual photography, they are just too limiting in terms of situation flexibility.

I find myself in the same boat. I need to get a 24-70mm f2.8 OS Art lens, so I can have more situation flexibility, but even then my Nikon D810 with my 24-135mm f2.8-4.5 will offer more flexibility, because I can zoom in more, shoot at ISO settings above ISO 200, and review my photos quickly. I trust the auto-focus on that camera too, unlike my current situation with my SD Quattro H. Maybe the auto-focus issue would go away once I start using a 24-70mm f2.8 OS Art lens on the SD Quattro H, but with almost twice the focal length at the long end, and with more speed and higher ISO shooting capability, my Nikon will still trump my Sigma, unfortunately. It reminds me a little of a large format camera. Some landscape photographers who use large format cameras would also carry a medium format camera, like the Texas Leica, for more flexibility. They can quickly shoot handheld photos, with fast follow-up shots, but if they have time and the ability to carry the large format camera with film and a tripod (and maybe some extra lenses), they use that big camera instead. That's the way I look at my kit now. I have a wide-angle lens for my Sigma. I have a long lens for my Sigma, and I always take my tripod with me, when using my Sigma, but for walk-around use, I often just take my Nikon, with that one zoom lens. The image quality isn't quite as good as what I get from my Sigma, but the camera with that lens is so much more usable that I get more photos with it. I don't know how many more "good" photos I get with it though, and to improve my work with that camera I sometimes do take it on my tripod, or at least I take my tripod with me in my backpack. I plan to get a Sigma 15-30mm lens for use on my Nikon, for shooting dark scenes, which require high ISO settings, like ISO 800 or 1600. I might even get a tracker, and then I can try shooting some wide-field starscapes with the Nikon. If I do, I'll try some with my Sigma SD Quattro H too, and compare. I might even post a comparison thread here in this forum. I figure I'll wait until I can get the 14-24mm f2.8 Art, before doing that though.

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