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Re: Prime as first lens for a beginner

Photodog2 wrote:

I am about to send my college age niece an Olympus OM for her first real camera. As is common for her age group, she has not used anything other than a phone for photography.

Now, the OM is a beautiful, to my eyes the most beautiful, camera ever so I am tempted to put a small 50 or 28mm prime lens on it to send her as a package. However, I learned photography with a zoom lens many years ago and I suspect most people did likewise. I wonder if she will just get frustrated and might be disappointed if her first lens is a prime.

Anyone here whose first beginners camera lens was a prime instead of a zoom? Any thoughts or advice welcome.

Assuming you mean an OM-D E-M10 or E-M5 or any digital Olympus rather than an old film camera, then I would certainly send her the kit lens which, depending on model and your location, is usually the EZ 14-42 or manual zoom 14-42. If you can stretch to it, the 45mm f1.5 portrait lens is also light and compact and demonstrates the potential of the system nicely.

Only a prime? Not really. Not with her current experience with a smartphone camera only.

Compactness and convenience would be primary objectives if I were a student again. A camera and second lens that, if I were female, fitted easily in a small to medium size handbag. You can't choose much better than the above kit to meet that convenience objective which means that the camera is more likely to be carried and used than not.

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