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Re: Prime as first lens for a beginner

Photodog2 wrote:

I am about to send my college age niece an Olympus OM for her first real camera. As is common for her age group, she has not used anything other than a phone for photography.

Now, the OM is a beautiful, to my eyes the most beautiful, camera ever so I am tempted to put a small 50 or 28mm prime lens on it to send her as a package. However, I learned photography with a zoom lens many years ago and I suspect most people did likewise. I wonder if she will just get frustrated and might be disappointed if her first lens is a prime.

Anyone here whose first beginners camera lens was a prime instead of a zoom? Any thoughts or advice welcome.

Is your goal to get her to love photography by getting her a "real camera" or does she already love photography, and your goal is to provide her with better tools?

If you are trying to get her to love photography, I suggest a zoom lens.  A kit with the most versatility will make it easier for her to try different things, and find which aspects of photography she loves.

On the other hand, if she already loves photography, and really wants to be able to take the sharpest photos, or photos with shallower depth of field, then a wide aperture prime may be the way to go.

Having only a prime lens adds restrictions and challenges to photography.   If you are trying to get her to develop a love for photography, you may want to minimize any challenges.

On the other hand, if she already loves photography, she may not mind challenges that need to be overcome.   Having only a prime lens may get her to think about her photography in a different way.

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