Using the MC-14 Teleconverter on the Olympus 60mm macro lens

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Using the MC-14 Teleconverter on the Olympus 60mm macro lens

You thought it couldn't be done, right?

Well, prepare to be blown away!  A friend suggested to me that he was able to use an off-brand extension tube to connect to the Olympus MC-14 Teleconverter, and that it gave him extra magnification on his 60mm macro lens.  I had my doubts as I had purchased the amazing quality KENKO brand tubes back 8 months ago along with the MC-14 to try this, only to be shut down as the lens for the teleconverter did not (1) fit into the extension tube and (2) the locking mechanism never was able to work because there was a piece on the tele-converter that got in the way (after forcing the teleconverter into the tube).

I was told that the PIXCO brand extension tubes which come from China and have the electronic connections built in (albeit a very cheap plasticky feel to them) worked and so I ordered a set from China.  I also ordered a set of FOTGA brand off Amazon as they shipped from the US and looked to be the same but with a different name brand on them.  Both arrived the same day...

I ripped open the box for both and tried putting the 10mm FOTGA brand first onto the front of the MC-14 which was on my Olympus EM1 mark 2.  Snap!  Perfect fit!  Now, my friend didn't have another set of extension tubes, but the 10mm just on it's own will not take care of the length of the teleconverter connecting to the 60mm macro lens.  He added the 16mm to the setup as it's all he had.  My concern with that is reducing light even more so as I know that the MC-14 will affect light by about a full stop and with some extension tubes space in-between the MC-14 lens and back of the 60mm lens, possibly more.  So I grabbed the 10mm Kenko tube I had and used that.

NOTE:  You cannot use the 16mm FOTGA or PIXCO extension tube to attach to the MC-14.  It will not work. ONLY the 10mm works from those sets.

So, I have Camera ----> MC-14----->FOTGA 10mm extension tube---->Kenko 10mm extension tube----->Olympus 60mm macro lens.

Now, with the Olympus 60mm macro lens all on it's own you get a 1x magnification when you have the magnification set at the highest level.  Here is a small dead fly I took a focus stack with of 70 images using the Olympus 60mm on it's own, with no tubes or Raynox or MC-14.  Focus bracketing was used at 1/10 for the step size, 70 images stacked in Helicon:

Here is with the MC-14 added using the 10mm Fotga and 10mm kenko tube:

If I add one Raynox 250 macro filter to the front of the 60mm macro lens, I get this:

If I add another Raynox 250 on top of the first, I get this:

Since doing these two days ago, I have tried using only the Raynox 202 instead of any Raynox 250s and am getting great results with stacks at about 4.5x or slightly more.  I do have to turn up the ISO to about 200-350 depending on the subject, but it is worth it!

edge of a United States dime:

Single garnet sand grain, 1/3mm wide:

tiny sample of sand from Bandon, Oregon

Frame is 2.5mm left to right

camera setup with the Raynox 202 attached

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