The principle problem with "classical" digital imaging

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Re: The principle problem with "classical" digital imaging

dlj wrote:

Great post, Frank. Takes a step back, as we photographers do, for a fresh perspective that consolidates some existing perspectives.

I just wanted to chime in on a topic to which you alluded or at least circumnavigated: post processing, cell phones, high res downsampled...

My 1+ year old cellphone has multiple cameras, one of which is a 40 'megapixel', Leica branded, coupled with one of the stronger machine learning chips.

I really dislike the camera's photos upon pixel-peeping, but all my coworkers disagree, saying they are always pleasing. They are. To an artificially tarted-up extent. But at 200%, the fractal and ML post processing is painfully apparent and even abhorrent to my sensibilities formed through silver halide. The multiple cameras can even combine their output after the fact (no forethought required) to determine 3D mapping of subjects, sufficiently so to artificially add and remove directional lighting to recreate Rembrandt lighting, and downsampling some of the necessary post-processed ugliness to make the detail almost believable. That's especially so, considering that most of the target users will either have the images further downsampled to post on social platforms, or never be viewed sufficiently big enough to see the details.

Not only is the sensor's method removed from the equation, but multiple sensors are employed and consolidated, throwing ample resolution at the shortcomings, freely discarding so much from the 'perspective' of ruthlessly achieving a desired result.

I hope I haven't veered to far from your intents, and have added a couple considerations to a good post. Typing this on said phone on bumpy commuter train uncharacteristically packed with boisterous children heading to a stadium full of WE day celebrations. Hope I don't regret this afterwards, struggling to stay focused on ideas!

You are right, this is the same topic, just broadened to multiple sensors and even more data processing.

I didn't want to say that I am always pleased with what the mobile phones generate. But the point is that they improve the picture quality a lot by applying various data acquisition and processing procedures. I assume that a straight downsampled 10MP image from that 40MP camera on your mobile phone (without fancy styles and automatic enhancements to the liking of "the masses") maybe combined with averaging several frames or some help from the other cameras on that phone can result in a very nice, natural looking and reasonably high IQ and high fidelity to the scene which has been photographed. And if 10 MP is enough for my final output format, why should I care about the 40 MP mini sensor which acquired the raw data?

So, I hope your time on the train was not too stressy, at least, your focus on these ideas was on spot.

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