Can i use x265 to compress a RAW to JPEG without losing quality

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Re: Can i use x265 to compress a RAW to JPEG without losing quality

MackMack wrote:

dj_paige wrote:

MackMack wrote:

Now size is also another factor suppose I have a RAW image of 42MB and want to save it (convert it) as JPEG then if it will reduce the size to 4MB or 8 MB then it also drastically reduce the image quality and if I choose to maintain the highest size then also it reduce image quality but less.

The megabytes do not indicate quality. This is a mistake to think that megabytes do indicate quality, which will lead you down the wrong path. A 42MB raw image, saved as JPG, could reasonably be 4MB or 8MB, without noticeable loss of quality.

Ok but this video from Tony : The TRUTH: High Megapixels + BIG Prints are a WASTE? iPhone vs Sony a7R IV vs Sony a7 III

says something else

Apples and oranges. The Northrup video is comparing images with different megaPIXEL sizes (pixel dimensions). The message above is presumably addressing JPEGS with the same megaPIXEL sizes but different megaBYTE sizes. In other words, dj_paige is addressing the question of how much compression can be applied without it being visible. As I explained in my prior post, the right answer is: It depends!

EDIT: I see that dj_paige already replied with the same pointer. Sorry about that...

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