Laowa 7.5/2 or 12-32mm

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Re: Laowa 7.5/2 or 12-32mm

amipal wrote:

Walt Palmer wrote:

jhunna wrote:

I think I am finally settling down on my perfect (for me) lens composition. I am clear I need the smaller lens. My three keepers are going to be:



35-100/f4-5.6 (The small one)

These all handle well, are small enough for me to carry everyday, perform well and (except for the 45) take a 46mm filter. To get signifcantly better I would need to spend significantly more money and increase the size.

12-32 is a GREAT lens sharpness, IS and fast focusing make this an incredible lens. I would use this lens primarily for its 12mm focal length. My 15 does everything this lens does but better and I can mimic the 12-32 focal length with foot steps.

I have not used the Laowa 7.5/2 and it would be a new dimension for me. Its fast, I can use it indoors, its not fish eyed. I can deal with the manual focusing as a trade off for the wider focal length.

Seeing the rest of my kit which would you use? Thanks...

Which camera body, btw? the Lumix 1.4 internal crop (to 8mp) makes the Laowa a 10.5mm.

That would only apply for video though, surely?


@amipal, no, it applies anytime you select Medium sized images (8mp for 4:3) and are using the Tele Converter and shooting in JPG.

If you can get by with 8mp jpgs, it is a handy feature. The Laowa 7.5 is also a Laowa 10.5, the Lumix 20 is also a Lumix 28, the Oly 45 is also an Oly 63. No loss of quality or aperture - just pixels.

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