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Re: Oddities.

Hoka Hey wrote:

GrapeJam wrote:

I'd say that EOS R is a bit of a "love it or hate it" camera, depends alot of where you come from.

I'm loving the EOS R, mainly because of it's colors output and how easy the files are to get good colors in post, and compared to the A73 as long as the AF system doesn't frustrate, the EOS R is a more pleasant camera to use, is more responsive, less laggy and the back LCD touch screen is fantastic.

But I'd imagine that had I come from Fuji, which also has great colors output (and I'd say arguably better Jpeg engine customization), and very fun to use due it's controls and overall just a very charming camera, I'd probably be less in love with the EOS R.

Maybe you would be happier with Fuji. The XT3 is a great camera, and the GFX 100 is amazing.

The XT 3 was actually my first choice when I switched from Sony, but after calculating the cost of glasses I chose the EOS R.

Funny thought after some more testing, eye detection on the EOS R, once the eye has been detected, is actually more accurate then the A73 which had a habit of focusing on the thing in front of the eye instead of the eye itself, the EOS R doesnt have this problem.

Now I'm happy with the EOS R. Waiting for the AF fw update.

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