I wonder if I bought the right camera for a visual artist

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Re: I wonder if I bought the right camera for a visual artist

Dimitri P wrote:


I just purchased a EOS Rebel SL3 DSLR Camera with 18-55mm Lens for the three main purposes:

1. To photograph my paintings (2d).

2. To photograph my exhibitions in gallery settings.

3. To make videos at exhibition openings.


1. Is this camera good enough to photograph large 5'x4' paintings and then give the file to a printer to reproduce as a print. I took some pretty good pictures of my paintings and turned them into nice looking 5"x7" cards. I am happy with that. But I am wondering about larger print sizes up to 24"x36".

2. I tried to photograph my current exhibition (interior shots in a large space) from a tripod and the results were dismal. Grainy. Not super sharp. The cell phone took better pictures. ( I dont have a lot of experience with using Canon DSLR)

3. The videos of the exhibition were also terrible. The focus keeps hopping as I pan the camera on the tripod. Grainy. Not sharp.

Am I just not using all the capabilities of this Canon or I need a more expensive camera?




I always think of a Rebel as a camera I would take to NASCAR but no reason it shouldn't perform inside. One thing I know about galleries is the lighting is tricky. In a museum, not so much, in a gallery, the light has colors and they may not be consistent. I can't really see the quality of this kind of image on the camera LCD so I will often wifi a few shots over to my iPad Air to see what I am getting. I can preview the raw, but not process them on the iPad. But I just need to see them big enough to see if they are falling apart, or all yellow or something.

For your video question, I would take a sample over to the video forum.

Also, typically, you are your own worst critic, the stuff may not be as bad as you think.

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