Laowa 7.5/2 or 12-32mm

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Re: Laowa 7.5/2 or 12-32mm

jhunna wrote:

Walt Palmer wrote:

I like your approach. I settled on 52mm to allow me to easily match some legacy glass and a few MFT zooms. Attaching a couple images. I don't think they look strange, but YMMV.

Next to the Laowa with the factory cap and hood.

Consider going to 52mm as your standard. Easier to find than 46mm; some legacy glass is 52mm; a 58-52mm step-down ring does not vignette on the 40-150 R or the 14-150/14-140 superzooms. 52 also works nicely on the 12-32.

I thought you were joking about the multiple adapters. In -ractice it doesnt look bad at all!

You keep mentioning 8megs, where does that come into play? I know i can pull 8 meg photos from 4k video and the crop you mention applies to 4k video correct?

No. It's not actually a video frame. This is the "Ex. Tele Converter" (Page 7 of the Recording Menu on my GX85) - set it to "Tele Conv." rather than "Zoom". It allows you to use any shutter/aperture/iso combo as long as you shoot JPG (the 'catch') and changes the EVF to show you the center 8mp crop.

Once you have that menu item set to "Tele Conv." all you do is change your image size to "Medium" and it crops the viewfinder to the view. Actually pretty clever, Panasonic does not do the interpolation back to 16mp that Olympus does. Thank God, because that can really mess up a capture and requires a LOT of technique and care.  This is no more than a straight simple crop to the middle 8mp of the screen - if you want it bigger, you interpolate as you want. But most of us will never need more than 8mp - much of the wildlife stuff you see online is from crops that are 8mp or less. I always suggest shooting your typical stuff full size and then set the size to Medium and do the same shot. Then see if you see differences and if they bother you.

You CAN also pull 8mp stills from 4K video, but video has restrictions on shutter speeds, etc. this does not. You can also just shoot full frame and crop it later, but this allows you to compose using the viewfinder.

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