Laowa 7.5/2 or 12-32mm

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Re: Laowa 7.5/2 or 12-32mm

jhunna wrote:

Walt Palmer wrote:

I would get the Laowa. And I suggest a 37-46 step-up ring for the 45. In fact a 37-46, then a 46-37, then another 37-46 - makes a lovely little lens hood for the 45.

Which camera body, btw? the Lumix 1.4 internal crop (to 8mp) makes the Laowa a 10.5mm.

hehehe.. .that would look incredibly strange.

Its a GX8 so I figure the actual focal length of the Laowa to be 15mm.

Ok, if you figure in 35mm equivalences, then the 1.4X crop of the 7.5,, Laowa makes it the equivalent of a 21mm lens on your GX8. 8mp is plenty for most things (and more than I send my lab for large gallery prints (20x30 range).

I like your approach. I settled on 52mm to allow me to easily match some legacy glass and a few MFT zooms. Attaching a couple images. I don't think they look strange, but YMMV.

Next to the Laowa with the factory cap and hood.

Very effective shading with the 52mm solution at least.

Consider going to 52mm as your standard. Easier to find than 46mm; some legacy glass is 52mm; a 58-52mm step-down ring does not vignette on the 40-150 R or the 14-150/14-140 superzooms. 52 also works nicely on the 12-32.

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