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arrow501 wrote:

According to the EXIF you didn't have Macro turned on. Without Macro on the FZ300's closest focus distance at 500mm (which is what you first shot is shot at) is 2 metres. With Macro on it is only 1 metre. I think if you were to try again with Macro on you would get the camera to focus. If you can't get focus take a step back and try again, when you get focus creep back in checking for focus each time to get used to the closest focus distance. I like the next size up from the smallest focus box best for insects.

If that was the case (too close to focus without macro focus enabled) he would have gotten a bright red warning on the screen telling him he 's too close. -And if he read that he would have known what to do...

In below shot macro focus was enabled and the subject well beyond the min focus distance. The smallest focus box size hadn't covered the entire flower ... enough for the cam to focus on the background.

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