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Clayton1985 wrote:

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Clayton1985 wrote:

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If so, this confirms that there is something fundamentally wrong with the way Dpreview Studio comparison tool is shot. To wit, the following clearly (in my view) shows off the Z6 much better than the 5DS:


In summary, I am trying to reconcile my visual observations with PDR technical measurements. So far, I am not succeeding, and am forced to point the finger at the Dpreview comparison tool as the culprit for this dissonance.

I wouldn't be so quick to point the finger away from yourself. Are you considering differences in detail? It seems like this always gets missed when someone focuses on the noise only.

Feel free to point your finger wherever you want. Other than that, the above link to the Dpreview comparison tool clearly shows the 5DS as having much more noise than the Z6 in low light at ISO 12,800. Whereas Bill Claff's PDR tool shows these two sensors low light performance as identical (see the table on his PDR page, EV column).

In summary, the Dpreview comparison tool and the PDR measurements are incompatible. For whatever reason.

Well I think you've made your point a few times over and maybe for some reason you think we don't understand what you're trying to say. Unfortunately these discussions have been taking place for years and what you're saying has been said before many times.

Interesting, I was not aware of it, thank you for pointing this out.

I would suggest that out of DPR, Bill Claff and you we can probably guess the most likely weak link and it isn't DPR or Bill Claff. That said, maybe you're onto something and apparently you have the confidence to believe you aren't the weak link so who knows but I'm not betting my house $5 bill.

Well, I am hoping for a factual discussion.  I simply pointed an inconsistency and so far have not been given a reasonable explanation.  As you can probably see for yourself, my claims of inconsistency are easily verifiable, as both the Dpreview comparison tool, and Bill Claff's PDR measurement table are readily available for anyone to see for themselves.

For brevity I invite interested parties to compare the Canon 5DS and the Nikon Z6.  In the Dpreview tool they appear to be worlds apart at low light, ISO 12,800, Comp, where the 5DS is clearly inferior to the Z6.  Bill's PDR table shows them as virtually identical in the low light table as measured by EV stops (which is what he says we should be using).  I don't know what to think, but being from an academic community, I tend to trust the objective measurement (in this case, Bill's PDR table) over a subjective studio/lighting set up.  I could be wrong about which of these sources is at fault, but I am pretty darn sure there is an incompatibility.

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