Is it possible to remove food around the mouth?

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Re: Here is the culprit photo for example

MinAZ wrote:

Wow thank you, that is quite impressive. I suppose that it is nice to know it can be done even if it does take some time. Which software and tool did you use? I see that many people say clone stamp in photoshop is the way to go? Did you do anything else?


For the first version I just quickly removed the marks with the clone, healing and inpainting tools in Affinity. I believe this works similar to Photoshop.

Then I realised that maybe the colour of the lips and around the mouth didn't look right, due to staining from the food I guess, so I tried to fix that. So for the second version it was mainly the same tools, but I tried to adjust the colour using paint brush set to low opacity, probably not the best way to do this however.

The same thing can be done in so many different ways, that's the good news, bad news is that sometimes the easy way is not always known or apparent. Although with some Googling it's easy enough to find some good methods for basically anything.

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