Is it possible to remove food around the mouth?

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Re: Here is the culprit photo for example

MinAZ wrote:

Awesome! How long did that take you? Did you use layers, and did you use a Wacom tablet or mouse? Also, I notice that his lips are still discolored a bit from the chocolate (it's a bit more brown than the unaffected areas) - is this also fixable? How did you fix the dot on his nose?

I worked on a duplicated layer.  I used the clone tool.  You need to zoom in quite a bit to focus solely on the areas you want to clone out.  Soft edged clone tool brush for blending.

Yes, you can remove the slight brownish colors on his lips by painting with a proper sampled color on another duplicate layer.  Then play with opacity of that layer if needed.

Total time, less than 5 minutes.

Major Jack Reacher wrote:

MinAZ wrote:

BrownieVet wrote:

Please post the original WITHOUT the black Sharpie marks.

Please refer to marked up image for issues.

Clone tool and some blending.

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