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PhotoKhan wrote:

It is quite curious how such a "lacking" camera, as the EOS R is systematically portrayed to be, is currently generating "EOS R: One year later" videos on YouTube just to tell us that...Well, that they still find it "lacking".

I guess "Meh!..." feeds a lot of mouths...


I don't think the reviewers have used the camera much except as needed to make a video. Otherwise, I think the videos would have been more about where they thought the R would shine in a years use, but didn't or did.

Been more about how the R and it's lenses have been great to use once its controls become familiar or how it never got any better. How the lenses on the body haven't been that great when compared to other systems.

Was it having weatherproofing, a lens control ring, and a great EVF more handy than expected? Or was the lack of IBIS or dual card slots really a disaster in the field?

Has anyone had the one card slot fail over the year like Tony's did during the test review day?

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