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Bill, is the Z6's Low Light ISO indeed so much (12.8%) worse than the Sony a9 as your table suggests? Visibly (eg, in Dpreview's Studio comparison tool, low light) these sensors seem to be on par with a slight edge to the Z6 at some values.

It's a mistake to try to compare the ISO settings; use the EV values (stops).

Yes, the Sony ILCE-9 (at 11.05EV) is about 0.37 stops better than the Nikon Z 6 (at 10.68EV)
That's not a huge difference.

Thanks. It's just the A9 looks worse than the Z6 in the Dpreview Studio comparison tool. I would need to keep this in mind for future reference and not depend on that tool as a reliable source.

There's nothing wrong with comparing real photographs, ultimately that's what you're going to use a camera for!

It is true that it's hard to take studio shots that are extremely consistent over time.

Your observation is probably a reflection of the fact that small differences are hard to distinguish (and aren't relevant anyway).

Perhaps. Going back to the table, I am also surprised that the Z6 does no better that the Canon 5DS, as measured in EV stops. That latter sensor predates the Z6 by 4 years and was not praised for its low light performance even at the time of release.

Whether it garnered praise at the time or not, the Canon EOS 5DS has very good low light performance. Like most Canons the low ISO performance was not so good.

If so, this confirms that there is something fundamentally wrong with the way Dpreview Studio comparison tool is shot. To wit, the following clearly (in my view) shows off the Z6 much better than the 5DS:


In summary, I am trying to reconcile my visual observations with PDR technical measurements. So far, I am not succeeding, and am forced to point the finger at the Dpreview comparison tool as the culprit for this dissonance.

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