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bayareaphoto wrote:

Bill, is the Z6's Low Light ISO indeed so much (12.8%) worse than the Sony a9 as your table suggests? Visibly (eg, in Dpreview's Studio comparison tool, low light) these sensors seem to be on par with a slight edge to the Z6 at some values.

It's a mistake to try to compare the ISO settings; use the EV values (stops).

Yes, the Sony ILCE-9 (at 11.05EV) is about 0.37 stops better than the Nikon Z 6 (at 10.68EV)
That's not a huge difference.

Thanks. It's just the A9 looks worse than the Z6 in the Dpreview Studio comparison tool. I would need to keep this in mind for future reference and not depend on that tool as a reliable source.

There's nothing wrong with comparing real photographs, ultimately that's what you're going to use a camera for!

It is true that it's hard to take studio shots that are extremely consistent over time.

Your observation is probably a reflection of the fact that small differences are hard to distinguish (and aren't relevant anyway).

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