Need some Help with Storing Photos

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Re: Need some Help with Storing Photos

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Is there a Photos library in your pictures folder? How big is it? what happens if you double click the library?

The Photos Library is a package associated with the Photos application. Double-clicking it will open the Photos application.

If you right-click on the Photos Library and select Show Package Contents, the Finder will show you all of the folders and files "hidden" within the Photos Library package. I would not advise modifying, moving, or deleting the original copies of any of these files. When something is a package, it is usually to keep you from pulling the rug out from under the code that thinks it knows how all of the files play together.

Absolutely, which is why I didn't mention it!

As you say, double clicking the Photos Library in ~/Pictures will launch the default Photos Library in Photos app and hopefully will reveal all their photos. The default Photos Library is the most likely place their photos are.

A next step would be to launch the Photos app holding the option key to see if any other Photos libraries exist.

EDIT If the solution is not something simple along the lines of what I am suggesting, it is impossible to help remotely without seeing the computer and without knowing anything about the user's knowledge. They are best getting some local help.

The OP however did not mention 'Photos' as the application where the images are originally stored. She did say the she thought she was backing up her images on an external drive and found it was 'iCloud' instead but then could not locate a number of these transferred images . Same thing happened to me. It was for me, not photo images but documents however. It took forever to sort it all out.

You're right the OP didn't mention 'Photos' app. They thought they were storing their photo originals (not back ups, the OP doesn't mention back ups) on the external WD.

But it sounds like they were not going to the external, and meanwhile OP's internal drive filled up, so the most likely explanation is that they have been going into the Photos Library. This is reinforced by the fact that the OP had to buy more iCloud Storage, which would happen if iCloud Photos was turned on.

Without seeing the computer this is all supposition of course. Might be something completely different going on.

iCloud Photos and iCloud Drive are very powerful but not intuitive IMHO. Particularly the feature to store Documents and Desktop in iCloud which it sounds like you ran into.

Photos in iCloud Photos and Documents iCloud Drive are stored full size locally as well as in iCloud, unless the "optimise" option has been set. In which case it will store full size locally if enough space, otherwise will store thumbnails and pointers to iCloud to save space locally.

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