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Re: Par for the course

bob13bob wrote:

bingo. when you start pricing whole systems, FF is actually cheaper and often times smaller than smaller sensor format bodies.

the value is clearly better in FF. Alot of misconception surround smaller format "value" because they don't understand or factor in equivalence.

Fuji glass is not as sharp as FF glass on high res FF bodies, and it's a stop slower most of the time as well.

eg a $600 fuji 35 f1.4 is slower than a $250 sony 50 1.8. The myth of fuji/mft being cheaper needs to die already.

No Bob, this is 95% wrong both in facts and tone.  No offense.  I could tear this apart piece by piece and give you example after example to counter your points.  You have cherry-picked equipment here and even compared a world-class and very expensive Fuji lens to a plain consumer FF lens.

I could write you 10 pages on why I prefer the Fuji gear to the gear you mentioned, but I would be wasting my time doing so on this Board.

Buy what you like and feel good about it.  It's all good stuff.   Fuji has the sweet spot in terms of APSC and MF.  There is a bloody full-frame war going on right now and there is a lot of new FF mirrorless gear to choose from.  I like FF a lot and have shot it since the dawn of digital.  Just bought a Q2 in fact.

Carry on.  Have a nice day.  Keep on shooting.

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