Tamron Z lenses

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Re: Tamron Z lenses

mister_roboto wrote:

Albert wrote:

I think from an economic point if view; they will just put it into a Z or RF mount and that's it; with no optical changes. If anything; they would change the baffling throat in the rear to make it wider for the Z and RF mount.

I totally agree with this. 3rd party lens makers have been doing this for years with slr lenses, I don't see why they would deviate, since it looks like the easiest solution.

Even if we assume its totally feasible, there is the issue of optical quality and economics.

These lenses are made for mount, and you would not get the benefits (like edge-to-edge sharpness and/or smaller size) of the Z and RF lenses.

Also, Z has a relatively small user base I believe (although I don't have the numbers), which might not make it economical to market these lenses - take into account you need separate manufacturing, advertising, logistics etc., potentially making it uneconomical, unless you increase prices.

So what you have is a Z-mount lens that is higher priced than the Sony version, and that doesn't utilize Z mount's potential. So while I also hope they would do it, I can easily see why they might decide against it.

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