Setup for shooting golf? (While playing)

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Setup for shooting golf? (While playing)

First post ever, so go easy on me...

My ”problem” is finding a setup for shooting golf while playing at the same time.

I have a good setup for shooting when on photo duty and NOT playing myself, but finding a the optimal compromise for shooting & playing seems tricky. I’m asking this mainly to get some ideas that I perhaps haven`t thought of myself.

My current setup is a Canon M50 with a 50mm 1.8. + Canon 270exii flash

The requirements in order to be able to shoot and play (and not cause any delays in play) are:

1 relative lightness / fast access of the system

I now have a quick mount on the trolley handle for fast access to the camera. Golf cars are not used around here unless you have disability etc. Mounting anything heavy on the trolley is not a good idea and the bag itself can not really hold anything large either. At least not conviniently.

2 fast lens

I need a fast lens to capture the action ( laugh away) and I prefer a good amount of subject separation. I also can not be too close of the other players causing distraction.

Working with a prime is not a big issue, but does cause missed opportunities as I can’t always be where I should. Us crappy golfers tend to shoot our balls all over the fricking course. Tele would be cool, but I don`t there is any that would fit the bill.

The flash is for fill only and only barely does it`s job in an optimum scenario, but having a bigger one doesn`t really work either.

I`m not currently quite getting the subject separation I want, but going longer (prime) will likely make the flash completely useless. (Not a bad trade off perhaps)

My only idea at this point is to get a Sigma 56mm 1.4. Changing bodies won`t help me much imo.


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