Switching up my lens collection for 90D upgrade

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Re: Why 90D in this case?

>>Canon EOS-R w 24-105mm f/4 IS $2900 1360g

>>Canon EOS-RP w/ 24-105mm f/4 IS $2200 1185g

Good feedback!

However, your calcs assume the heaviest zoom would be on the 90d all the time....which may be true, I won't know until I really spend time shooting with the various lenses.  I should probably go slow .....adding just one lens every few months, but I'm trying to keep to a long term plan...which is the point of this thread.

90D plus ef50 prime is roughly 1000g and 300g less weight than R with 24-105.  Even the heaviest 24-70 zoom is roughly same weight as the R + 24-105, and the 24-70 is considered a sharper lens than the EF 24-105.   The 90d has all the features I need.

Did you mean RF 24-105?  I haven't looked at that lens....mostly the R lenses seem heavier, bigger, and much more expensive than EF when looked last a few months ago...but maybe I should be looking more at the new RF specs in more detail....

I ruled out the RP....in many ways, I think the 90d is at a good a camera as the RP....but the R would be a step up.  The full frame sensor on the R would be nice.  But, you didn't include the weight of the EF adapter either....as I doubt I'd afford very many rf lenses so the EF adapter would be on frequently.

I think my long term plan is to get by on the 90d for 5 years with lenses that will transfer over to a new camera system and still give good photos even when paired with future 80mp or whateve ff digic 10 processor/sensors.  It's possible that Canon will eventually release a 7dm3 with new cheaper RF-s glass and stop development of ef-s and ef-m....  I'm not sure even Canon knows how their lens lineup is going to shake out, so I'm trying to minimize changes while divesting from ef-s and ensuring new glass or camera bodies aren't bought with a large price premium that might fade quickly away....90d body is relatively cheap compared to R.

At the moment, based on everyone's feedback...including today's, leaning towards:

90D + ef24-70 F4L is + ef 50 f1.4 + Either EF 16-35 F4L IS or EF 24mm f1.4L II (may need to buy used), the EF 24L is supposed to be super sharp and 24mm on aps-c is my most common FL...plus I frequently shoot indoors..

Hold off on longer range glass (100mm) for time being.  No need to push a budget immediately. 70mm on aps-c is already beyond 100mm FF anyway....

In 5 years, canon might even have an even lighter cheaper cameras, maybe aps-c mirrorless but with XXd/R features rather than the reduced capabilities marketed on the M series now.   Hopefully, we will not be arguing over when 4k/8k video then....probably everyone will be whining about cropped 8k or no 4k120p frame rate...

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