Telescope recommendations?

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Re: Telescope recommendations?

Polacofede wrote:

Alen K wrote:

Re autoguiding your tracker, you certainly could. But, again just IMO, that takes away from the primary advantage of using a tracker: its simplicity of operation. Longer sub-exposures are good up to a limit (beyond which your final image won't get any better assuming the same total exposure time) but the cameras you have exhibit very low read noise, so even 20- and 30- second subexposures at f/5.6 are workable. (I have proof. And more proof.)

interesting point, i will keep that in mind. I mean to try to get more samples of shorter exposures instead to try to get longer that are more complicated to get.

Something i saw using the auto-guiding ( on the video ) is that it could help with the alignment. I'm in the south hemisphere and i don't have a bright star easy to spot, so finding sigma oct and align from it is a bit more difficult.

Don't forget that you have Astrotracer in your K-1, which doesn't need polar alignment (but does need sometimes finicky GPS calibration). With a 450mm focal length you could easily achieve what I did with a 300mm on APS-C (first link above). 400mm would be somewhat easier and slightly wider field.

It sounds to me like your next logical step is to get a full-blown EQ mount supporting a telescope of longer focal length, say in the 800mm range, plus or minus 100mm.

what eq mount and telescope would you suggest in that case?

Since you are on a tight budget I recommend something similar to what I use. I use one of these - 6-inch aperture, f/5, 762mm FL and doesn't need a coma corrector on APS-C (can't use one on this in any case) - on a mid-size EQ mount. The mount I use is old and rarely available nowadays but a more modern SkyWatcher HEQ5 or the Orion equivalent (Sirius EQ-G) would do nicely. Used, of course. Poor examples 1 and 2 (unguided), just to give you an idea of star quality.

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