Requesting a little help.

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Re: Requesting a little help.

Martin Haas wrote:

Hello everyone!

Would you be so kind and please help me (and I'm sure many others) to get Capture One Pro to support GR2 / GR3? It will only take a few minutes of your time:

or you can message them on Facebook if you don't want to create an account on their website:

Thank you!

Thank you and done.

I've created a ticket on capture one link you provided to fully support the Ricoh GRIII.

I also uploaded a properly exposed GRIII raw for them to examine if needed with dynamic range corrections off.

Hope that helps.

Also for what its worth the GRI was supported in capture one and does a great job, i processed 100's of files very well with it.

The GRIII raws do open in capture one 12 pro but the noise and color profiles are really bad and unusable imo and needs to be supported.

More help needed though.

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