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Re: Par for the course

- the value proposition of high-end lenses (F1.4 primes, F2.8 zooms}. Almost all F1.8 primes for FE, Z and R are cheaper than F1.4 lenses on X-mount, some of which are not even weather sealed and have slower AF motors. F4 zooms for FE and Z are typically cheaper and smaller than the X-mount F2.8 zooms. For example, the Nikon Z6+24-70/4 costs $2400, while the X-T3+16-55/2.8 is $2700. And the Nikon combination is stabilized.

And then we have the third party revolution on E-mount. As the most significant example, Tamron's new 28-75mm/2.8 and 17-28mm/2.8 are under $1000 and a compact 70-180mm/2.8 is rumored to come soon. Everyone and its grandmother is now buying an A7III+28-75mm/2.8. Fujifilm has to adjust its pricing policy somehow.

But I don't argue that Fuji APSC is in the IQ league with high-res 50ish FF. But I do argue the Fuji APSC is the digital sweet spot for so many people. So many. Most? Who knows.

Quite possibly, it depends on the requirements. To me, F4 zooms on FF are the sweet spot, compact enough, but give me sufficient flexibility for indoor shooting and some subject separation. I would need F2.8 on APS-C and those are not available in the form and at the price I would like.

bingo. when you start pricing whole systems, FF is actually cheaper and often times smaller than smaller sensor format bodies.

the value is clearly better in FF.  Alot of misconception surround smaller format "value" because they don't understand or factor in equivalence.

Fuji glass is not as sharp as FF glass on high res FF bodies, and it's a stop slower most of the time as well.

eg a $600 fuji 35 f1.4 is slower than a $250 sony 50 1.8.  The myth of fuji/mft being cheaper needs to die already.

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my equipment: a7iii. NATIVE: sony 50 1.8. samyang 35 2.8. ADAPTED: sigma mc11 adapter. canon 85mm 1.8. sigma (canon) 12-24 4-5.6. canon 70-300mm f/4-5.6 is ii.

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