Best Lightweight, Compact Landscape Kit

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Re: Best Lightweight, Compact Landscape Kit

DrewMarshall wrote:

Hi all, I currently have an A7RIII with a good amount of lenses. I definitely love the IQ coming out of it, but I miss my Canon 6D a lot of times. I am happier with the more MP though. I recently have been looking at the Lumix G9 4/3 camera, and it seems like it is designed by actual photographers unlike my Sony. I miss the layout of the buttons and the user interface of Canon as well.

The G9 seems to be super compact even with telephoto lenses, but my one hang-up with that system is that I DO like to shoot a lot of milky-way landscapes. Is there a compromise, some sort of system with more than 20MP that is great for landscapes and low-light and all the while is compact with lenses? I hadn't really looked into micro 4/3 before but it is intriguing to me.


what issues do you have with your a7r3 settings. after i followed up a setup guide, I very rarely have any issues with menus since I don't dive in to them.

mft for astro photography vs the a7r3 you already have... not good.

get ready for massive IQ drop. fyi a FF 1.4 gets 4x as much light as a mft 1.4 . and your a7r3 pictures will be 3x sharper in pmp too (check dxomarks for this). The FF lens are just much better and faster. Yes they are heavy; thats the price we pay.

for landscapes, pixel or iphone panoramic mode is the probably the best iq/weight youc an get if you don't want to lug your a7r3 around.

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my equipment: a7iii. NATIVE: sony 50 1.8. samyang 35 2.8. ADAPTED: sigma mc11 adapter. canon 85mm 1.8. sigma (canon) 12-24 4-5.6. canon 70-300mm f/4-5.6 is ii.

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