Fuji Xt30 vs Sony A6400

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Fuji Xt30 vs Sony A6400

Hello Guys,

I know this has been asked countless times.

But hear me out.

Recently I have been introduced to this beautiful Photography world and decided to buy my own gear.

So I made some research, first decided to buy a mirrorless system as it is compact.

Then lessened my choices to <Fuji X-T30 with XF56 F1.2 and eventually XF23mmF2> and <Sony A6400 with Sigma 56mm 1.4 and 30mm 1.8>

For money wise, they are almost the same.

I am quite new to photography and I will mostly do Portrait Photograpy. Mostly myself using a Tripod. I watched almost all the videos of Xin Liu https://www.instagram.com/caliallstaring/?hl=en and it looks like XF56mm seems perfect portrait lens. but the distance required to get the full body looks a lot.

So currently I am quite confused. Sony has great AF but I am not sure how Face Detection when I wear Sunglasses. (X-T30 face detection does not work when I wear sunglasses)

Given I mostly gonna take my own self portraits, which choice is better? I assume subject walking towards the camera, and taking photos during that important so Sony might be better choice as AF is amazing, but on the hand XF56 is an amazing lens.

What do you guys think?


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