MFT lens cases?

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Re: MFT lens cases?

wharfhouse wrote:

Orangorill wrote:

For when I'm not bringing a proper camera bag, I'd like to get some extra protection for my lenses. A drawstring bag sort of works, I suppose, but I'd feel safer with something a little thicker. Picked up a couple of neoprene pouches and got a Lowepro case leftover from my Canon days, but none of them fit snugly with the smaller primes I typically use. Most of them are as about wide as the mount, which is 5.5 centimetres, while nearly all bags I can find start at around 8 centimetres.

Any suggestions as to where I can find something actually made for MFT? I'd prefer (PU) leather or felt, doesn't have to be bulletproof, but anything will do really.

I have some JJC neoprene pouches that are well sized for mft lenses (Oly 9-18, primes etc.) - they do various S/M/L ones and so you can generally find one that is a reasonable fit and the neoprene offers that extra cushioning protection you are seeking. Do a search on Amazon or eBay for JJC lens pouch or case and it will throw quite a few up.

I agree. I also have some JJC cases for primes. They work quite well. I use Ape lens cases for my larger lenses. They are very nice and they have a belt loop if you want to attach one to your belt while out and about. Both the JJC and Ape cases can be found on Amazon.

Regards, Dave

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