18-135mm f3.5-5.6 or 16-70mm f4 for A6400?

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Re: 18-135mm f3.5-5.6 or 16-70mm f4 for A6400?

The Ryantist wrote:

tjmckay4 wrote:

Just picked up a 18-135mm f3.5 - 5.6 from a local retailer (via their Ebay store) for A$826. I'll use this for general photography, travel and photos of my kids etc.

Now... even though I haven't taken any photos with it, I've got a bit of buyers remorse.... I've noticed that, from the same retailer (via Ebay store) that the Zeiss 16-70mm f4 is only A$162 more @ A$988.

Is it worth returning the 18-135mm and getting the 16-70? Is the Zeiss worth the extra cash?

Is that a used copy of the 16-70? In the US, the 16-70 costs 1.5x the 18-135. So in your case the 16-70 might be a good value.

In terms of absolute sharpness, the difference between the two lenses is probably not going to matter in most real-world situations. So I'd choose based on features:

  • wider (16-70) vs more telephoto reach (18-135)

I use a 16/1.4 prime when I want so I like the longer reach of the 18-135

  • constant f/4 (16-70) vs the 18-135 is f/5.6 for anything above about 50 mm (this isn't a problem in the daytime, and in low light I use primes anyway because f/4 still isn't fast enough)

Same here.

  • 18-135 has AF/MF switch on the side of the lens that's useful


  • 18-135 has closer minimum focus distance for 0.29x magnification (vs. 0.23x)

I find the 18-135 to work very well for in close but I also use a Sony 20/2.8 pancake for wide angle closeups since it's easier for me to hold still when using the LCD with my arm(s) extended in front of me.

  • 16-70 is slightly smaller and lighter (but they are very close)

Close enough is close enough for me.

When I tried my first 18-135 I bought it and stopped looking for an acceptable 16-70.

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