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Tricky one. I'd allot plenty of time to figure out the details before your model arrives.

Things that spring to mind for problem solving.

1. Can you light the raindrops separately from the model? How does having the same blue and yellow on the model and the raindrops work?  Sidenote: You're shooting opposing colors directly into one another. What happens?

2. How large are the raindrops in relation to the model, and how far away is the model to the plexiglass? This determines your focal length and any focus challenges or legibility issues you'll have.

3. I wonder, without context how the shot will read? Will the viewer get the raindrops on a window feel, or will it look like weird bubbles or imperfections?

4. How do you get the raindrops to distribute themselves nicely, but also stay on your plexiglass for the shoot duration? Sounds like a no brainer but once you get in studio it's the kind of thing that sinks a shoot.

I'd get everything locked down and figured out beforehand, then you can concentrate on the image and now problem solving on set.

Good luck.

Krav Maga wrote:

This weekend I've been scheduled to do a shoot. I'm going to have the model behind a largish piece of plexiglass and sort of simulate a window with raindrops/water drops on it. A matte black painted wall for a background. Mostly upper torso/head and shoulders shots. The idea is to use a gridded strip box on one side, nearly at a right angle to the model (behind the glass) and on the other side have a large softbox for some fill and maybe a little separation on the black background, pointed at the strip box on the other side. I want to gel the lights; perhaps blue on one side and yellow on the other with the hope of getting some of the colors in the drops of water on the plexiglass.

Am I on the right track? Should I be approaching this from a differing angle? What are some things that I need to be aware of that I may not be thinking of?

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