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Re: How and when do you use your rear LCD now?

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How and when do you use you xpro rear lcd?

I use it often, for live view shooting at arms length, for menus, for playback, all the time. Of course I use the finder too (primarily the OVF) but it wouldn’t be my first choice for menu diving and sometimes shooting from the screen is just more practical.

My problem with this design is it’s going to slow me down -

Rightly or wrongly I suspect this exactly the point of the changes. To slow down the experience and make it more like shooting a film camera. Make "chirping" a conscious choice, delay image review, preventing menu diving while in the middle of a shoot, etc

Not my cup of tea either, but Leica has demonstrated their is a market for this type of camera. It's an interesting choice by Fuji.

I get it and that's what's annoying me most, clearly this is a deliberate design choice pandering to this notion about slowing down the user, and some patronising purist ideal of "real photography". I can almost see the absurdly serious promo video for it now (the launch film for the X-Pro2 was bad enough).

It's a shame because up till now, beneath its retro lines, the X-Pro could claim to be something of a workhorse and a very practical, capable modern camera for many photographers, despite its niche reputation. This redesign does away with all that and puts it firmly in the expensive curio bracket, of interest to a few in the wannabe Leica crowd but nobody much else. I suspect the harder they try to appeal to those fancying themselves as the next Cartier-Bresson, the less interest any actual working photographers will have in the camera.

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