First pictures of the X-Pro3?

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Re: First pictures of the X-Pro3?

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The thing that annoys me is that even though the design protects the main screen when it’s stored away, that just presents a second, less useful screen to get damaged instead. It’s kind of the worst of all worlds.

I'm pretty sure that second screen will be quite hardy. My suspicion is that it's always on screen from the top of the X-h1

I'm sure it is, but unlike that screen it isn't on the top plate where it provides useful info at a glance next to the other dials, but on the rear of the camera where you'll either be about to look in the viewfinder or use the rear screen anyway, so sorry but I still think it's pretty useless.

My guess is, their intention is to provide all of the most relevant camera settings without turning the camera on or bringing it up to your eye.

Seeing most of my settings on the physical body is one of the things I like most about fuji cameras because once you bring a camera up to your eye people notice and act differently.

So I want to be sure of my settings before bringing my camera up and quickly getting the shot.

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