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Re: a7R IV Auto-HDR menu missing

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I was scouting a job today with my new a7R IV and was baffled that I couldn't find in-camera HDR, which I often use for scouting shots for architectural shoots. Full disclosure, I'm a Canon professional and this is my first Sony which I use with the Sigma MC-11 adapter for my trunk of Canon lenses. All the previous FF alpha cameras seem to have HDR coupled with DRO in M1>p12. On my a7R IV, I only have DRO options.

Camera Quality is set to jpeg for this... Am I missing anything here? Or did Sony just drop this functionality? Thanks for your help.

You're right - I just looked at the online manuals for the a7R4 and there's no longer any mention of HDR except with regard to movies. Auto HDR and other HDR settings have apparently gone for stills (I have an a7R3 where of course they were still available, though I did notice that the in-camera multiframe noise reduction had gone missing already on my model - with of course no means of adding them back in via Playmemories apps either).

I think it's rather regrettable that features go missing like this (it's not limited to Sony, incidentally). It may be thought that they're not "pro" enough or something, but it doesn't stop people enjoying them occasionally, so it becomes something of an issue if they upgrade from earlier models that had them. I've nothing against features being added as models evolve, but I wonder how they decide which features to take quietly away (I wouldn't have though they had to be removed due to computing capacity in the camera's electronics as that is presumably also evolving as time passes, rather than standing still). I see the feature was still present in the APS-C a6400, though the new a6600 doesn't have its manuals online yet, so it will be interesting to see if HDR still features have gone from it as well (along with its in-camera flash, which had been handy from time to time on all of its predecessors using the same basic chassis).

Yep HDR gone from the A7RIV. Almost makes me want to keep my A7RIII even though I just bought the R4. Then again I am within my return period on the R3 and it would be silly to keep it for that feature alone I guess. Was also thinking about upgrading my A6500 for a A6600. Then read that the A6600 lost the built in flash and larger buffer. Not to mention no apps. Think I will just hold on to my trusty A6500.

How often do you use the SOOC JPEG from an R-family camera?

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